Endless Possibilities with International Charter Flights

Have you ever considered chartering your own aircraft that will take you to remote destinations with endless possibilities?

Did you know that this can quite easily be achieved with international charter flights offered by Fly Zenith?

The professionalism of Fly Zenith enables you to arrive a lot closer to your required destination by flying into the hundreds of local airfields dotted across the globe.

This is especially the case within Africa, as chartering a private jet will at times be the only feasible time and cost effective method of getting you to where it is you need to go, since scheduled aircraft can only fly to and land at a rather limited amount of airports.

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Why you will feel comfortable flying with our professional team of Fly Zenith Operators:

  • All Fly Zenith operators are experienced and has your safety and privacy uppermost in mind; furthermore the kind of flexibility so necessary offers the ideal solution to all air travel needs and requirements, regardless of your destination.
  • Now you can travel your own way – and as South Africa’s premier charter company, you will soon discover that local knowledge together with global world resources will be able to offer you the most cost-effective method of handling all necessary travel requirements.

Furthermore, our extensive Fly Zenith fleet offers a complete state-of-the-art, sophisticated choice of business jets for any mission required.

Overcoming bureaucracy when flying across the continent of Africa:

It is no small secret that many potential users are worried about the red tape involved in flying into Africa.

The solution is a simple one – at Fly Zenith we are a professional company that has taken all these challenges into consideration.

For charter planes to enter into Central and West Africa the main documentation required, if carrying more than eight passengers, is the Foreign Operator’s Permit.

Also required is an over-flight permit for all the countries that the charter will be flying over.

Take special note that these will take in the region of 72 hours advanced notice to obtain. 

Do you need your own jets to get to your destination – this is a commonly-asked question:

Private business charter does not mean that you have to own your own jet.

We are a reputable high-end aircraft charter and leasing company that will take you to your destination whether it is locally, across the continent of Africa or internationally.

Did you know?

Private jet charter has been around in South Africa for the past forty years?

At Fly Zenith we are proudly South African and are equally proud to claim that we have grown into a truly global business which enables us to handle numerous corporate aviation flights to various destinations.

Fly Zenith employs a full complement of professional pilots as well as other professionals.

At Zenith Air we have been bestowed with the approval from the South African Civil Aviation Authority to control our very own maintenance facility.

This means that excellence of the maintenance of our fleet is maintained at all times.

It should therefore not surprise that we are fully committed not only to the safety of our customers but we offer satisfaction on the highest level, with little downtime on flights.

An investment on a continuous basis of all equipment and staff is evident in the excellence of service we provide.

If you need to get there on time, Fly Zenith’s international charter flights will get you to your destination.

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