Executive Charter Flights through Fly Zenith

Fly Zenith we offer our clients to choose from an option of hi-tech exclusive private jets as we are a charter company bent on providing our clients with the best of the best;you can now enjoy a combination of privacy as well as flexible travel options to a wide variety of destinations both locally and worldwide.

With Fly Zenith it is our pledge to ensure there is no more air turbulence as we offer you travel solutions that will make your air travel experience a smooth and pleasant, fuss-free journey from beginning to end.

If you are looking for executive charter flights that are cost-effective and convenient, at Fly Zenith we are able to tailor your flights to suit your specific needs and travel requirements.

Our privately owned fleet comprises a variety of aircraft to meet a plethora of charter requirements.

Our aircraft operates from Lanseria Airport with experienced top-notch pilots that fly on a regular basis to numerous destinations throughout Africa as well as other global stop-overs.

Furthermore a combination of extensive knowledge of various climatic conditions as well as the regulatory requirements of flying in and around the world ensures that you enjoy a safe, discreet, well-informed journey.
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Fly Zenith’s Certification includes:

  • Zenith Air – Air Services Licencing Council Certificate.
  • Zenith Air – SACCA – South African Civil Aviation Authority, Operating.
  • Zenith Air – AMO – Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate.
  • Zenith Air – Air Zenith has also been awarded the Argus Gold Rating.

Zenith Air is perfectly suited to the perplexing transport logistics of mining as well as exploration needs of companies which make up such an integral part of the continent of Africa – often flying to remote areas.

A complete range of services for the discerning business executive, cargo delivery as well as numerous other offerings will provide the kind of travel solutions and logistical support that you and your business deserve.

With a record which is exemplary as far as reliability, discretion and safety are concerned, it should not surprise that Air Zenith is able to offer the discerning executive traveller a travel experience that is secure, comfortable and safe.

You need to ask yourself why you would choose Zenith Air:

  • We offer the highest standards of safety.
  • Our fleet comprises hi-tech craft that are adaptable.
  • Our craft are best known for discretion and professionalism perfectly tailored to individual requests.
  • Our team is proficient and skilled.

The opulence and luxury of flying in style with Fly Zenith:

Choosing to fly with Fly Zenith means that you will be flying in comfort, luxury and style.

Additionally we are able to encompass safety and flexibility so that travellers will be able to enjoy a flying experience like none other.

Say goodbye to onerous lengthy waits as well as long queues as there is a streamlined check-in procedure enjoyed by private charter jet travellers which translates into en-route productivity.

Also, private service and shorter processes expels the vulnerability of valuables and luggage getting lost.

In any business trip, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. Executives and companies need to protect themselves and their employees by implementing a good care policy which private executive charter flights could eliminate altogether.

Simply choose the private executive charter flight of your choice from our wide range of private jets.


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