Business On The Go – Private Jet Travel

If you need to travel throughout the continent of Africa and those far-away destinations not serviced by non-blacklisted IOSA airlines,

then a private jet will be the only answer; business on the go is simpler than ever by making use of our private state-of-the-art jet travel!Surprisingly enough, Bizjets are a lot less expensive to operate than helicopters, even for destinations that are closer than 200 km.


Why use private jets to travel around the continent of Africa:


  • Commercial as well as business people in African countries or those that simply come to the continent for a whole host of reasons, more than anywhere else in the world, make use of private jet travel which is undoubtedly the only solution and user-friendly means that can and will guarantee that business is takes place on time without any unpleasant surprises.
  • Although airlines are by far the safest means to travel, the safety of an airline cannot be automatically assumed in Africa, even though the African aircraft market is set to double in the near future.


Listed here are some of the obvious reasons why business people use Fly Zenith for Private Jets:

  • Convenience.
  • Cost.
  • Safety.
The strife that has lurched many parts of Africa into spells of political upheaval makes travelling by road or by rail not only impractical but completely unsafe.Even though many African nations have flag carriers and a few low-cost airlines, the schedules, customer service and maintenance leave much to be desired.As a business owner, if you have four or more employees who travel regularly can you say with absolute certainly that you know exactly what their monthly travel expenses are?Because travel expenses are more than just hotel and airfares – there is car hire, insurance and foreign exchange, even mobility costs that all play a role in the overall percentage of turnover spent on covering travel costs. Unless you know the figure how can you even be sure the travel that you choose by travelling the conventional way is worthwhile the expense?

One way to cut costs is by making use of private jet travel. At Fly Zenith our private jets are secure, safe, easily accessible and convenient for business travel that will take the hassle out of travel throughout the continent of Africa.