Charter a Plane to Nigeria

Even if you are an inveterate flier who knows your way around a terminal, and should you be you planning to visit Nigeria or any other African destination any time soon, Read more

Charter a Plane to Zambia

If you need to get to Zambia, in all probability you will have to charter a plane to Zambia to reach your destination on time to access remote destinations that are seldom serviced by the more conventional airlines.

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Charter a Plane to Zimbabwe

Wherever you travel in Zimbabwe there are pleasant surprises. Not just the magnificent natural beauty and dramatic landscapes of the country but its unique attractions, its tranquillity and peaceful, warm-hearted people. Read more

Charter A Plane To Namibia

Although it is generally safer to arrive at your destination by air, the safety of an airline cannot be taken for granted in Africa. Read more

Charter a Plane To Mozambique

If you are planning to charter a plane to Mozambique for reasons of business, this could save you and your company a substantial amount of money in the long run. Read more

Private jet charters

The lack of ground-based transport in South Africa and the African Continent as a whole such as reliable trains and quality roads and the distances involved means that business as well as leisure flying is often not a luxury but considered to be a necessity. Read more