Private jet charters

The lack of ground-based transport in South Africa and the African Continent as a whole such as reliable trains and quality roads and the distances involved means that business as well as leisure flying is often not a luxury but considered to be a necessity.This is the main reason why a private jet charters offers a service that is essential to both entrepreneurial and leisure travellers transporting individuals in and around South Africa.

There are two options available to the traveller; these are either airlines or a privately operated private jet charter.

The airlines still suffer from their legacy of dendritic transport patterns in that they typically fly routes that are based on the core and spoke model – and the main issue here is that often the hubs are not where all kinds of travellers want to be and want to go – resulting in the spokes going in the wrong direction – and again there is the problem of being on the periphery and getting from one spoke to another.

Thus getting from one point to another that may only be 100km away typically requires a massive U-shaped journey to get to a location, move to the next and then travel back to the point of start. Given the scantiness of flights this could take days to get to and from a destination, making private jet charter more attractive.

Business people in South Africa and those who simply come to the continent for reasons of commerce or for pleasure know that here, perhaps more than anywhere else on Earth, a private aircraft is perhaps the best tool that can guarantee that business gets completed and holiday-makers make it in time to either enjoy their holiday or conduct business in a relaxed and hassle-free manner.

Roads in SA are notoriously unsafe plus the antiquated rail systems, with the exception of the fabulously efficient Gautrain are usually in a state of disrepair – these modes of transport are not even a consideration for travellers.
Fly high and rise to new heights – South Africa’s efficient private jet charter offers reputable high-end aircraft which will mean the difference between success and disaster on a business or holiday venture in this neck of the woods – flying high has just got a whole lot better for the private traveller.