Private Plane Charter – Celebs are Doing It So Can You

It makes perfectly good sense for celebrities to own their own private planes.

Perhaps this has something to do with their erratic and gruelling schedules, as well as the privacy that is so essential in order for them to live normal lives. Many individuals choose to go the private plane charter route for a variety of reasons, which has taken flying to an entirely new level.Most of us are familiar with commuting from point A to point B via commercial planes, although chartering a private plane is the answer if the destination or flight schedules do not permit us to get our business done on time, as flying on commercial flights often proves to be rather problematic.

More and more individuals are chartering private planes for the above reasons. Needless to say, celebrities and private planes have always gone hand in glove.

Celebrities and their Private Planes Charter: 

Celebrities often measure their wealth by the size plane they own – and in many instances it is about how many planes making up the impressive fleets they own.

  • Donald Trump who does everything a little larger than life, owns his own private Boeing 757 which is believed to have cost in the region of a whopping 100 million US dollars.
  • John Travolta not only owns and entire fleet of planes, but flies them himself; furthermore he has two private runways at his home in Florida.

For celebrities owning their own private planes, this means that they can enjoy privacy as well as having their schedules work around them instead of the other way around.

Harrison Ford is a great aviation enthusiast and owns no fewer than eight planes – one of these being a Cessna 680 Sovereign which is a long-range jet.

Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich has his own customised Boeing 767.

Oprah Winfrey takes her travelling needs to new heights and travels in style. Her private jet is a Global Express RS VIP business jet which has been custom designed in order for the seating to be limited to only ten passengers.

We might not all be celebrities but travelling to remote parts, especially on the continent of Africa could prove to be problematic. The best way to get there is through Private Plane Charter – the answer to aviation travel. Remember that if celebs are doing it – so can we.