Time Is Money Use a Private Jet

A private jet owner counterbalances the fee of possession with charter income.

Whether the owner of a private jet rents out his plane or whether he chooses to use a private jet for his own use – the question here – will it be a lot cheaper using a private jet instead of flying first class on a commercial plane? Or would you go the private jet charter route if you don’t own your own plane?

Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, private jet charter allows you to make the most of your time, minimising the hours travelling whilst maximising time spent on the more important issues in life.

First class travel on a commercial flight, however, although luxurious and comfortable, is restrictive and depending on how many individuals from a company or private party are travelling using this mode of transport, could be as expensive or even more so than making use of private jet charter.

Furthermore, you need to adhere to commercial flight schedules when flying first class, and if it is a remote destination you need to reach, you will not be able to access these easily when flying first class.

 Which aspects determine whether it’s better for you to fly first class or charter a private jet?

  • In many instances cost plays a leading role when it comes to choosing between travelling via private jet charter or by travelling first class on a commercial flight – this is determined, often, how many individuals will be travelling.
  • If it is a large party of business (or private) people the price tag flying first class could prove to be quite exorbitant.
  • Convenience is also important and because time is money – travelling first class might save a nominal amount, but if it does not get you to your destination on time, you could lose cash.
  • When booking a commercial seat, you pay per seat, but with private jet charter you pay per hour; so if you are transporting a large party you will pay per seat, but with private jet charter you can transport as many individuals as you wish at one cost.
  • Although it is almost always cost-effective to fly first rather than chartering a private jet, getting to your destination and especially if it is a large party, will get you there faster and wherever you want when choosing to fly via private jet charter.

If you cannot afford to be late for an important meeting or conference, prefer privacy when flying and need to take cost into account for a large party then private jet charter will win hands down every time when weighing up the pros and cons regarding private jet charter and first class travel on a commercial plan